Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Review: Think Rich, Yuppies! by Sha Nacino and Trace Trajano

Think Rich, Yuppies! by Sha Nacino and Trace Trajano is a refreshing take on personal finance and mostly written for those who just entered the corporate world and have discovered the 'freedom' afforded to them by credit cards.

The tone of the book is upbeat and very sincere as the Nacino speaks  of her own experiences in going into debt and sharing what happened that helped her get out of the situation. Trajano offers tips on increasing your earnings and savings in order to get a seven figure bank account.

I particularly like it that the book is very practical, not heavy on finance terminologies and has a very encouraging tone. There are also some mention of events or people that could serve as starting points for the reader's journey towards financial freedom.

I highly recommend this book to young professionals(also to anyone who is struggling with debts) and needs a practical guide of getting out of debt.

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